ZYTO Computerized Scan

The body’s systems are designed to operate with high energy, good health and general balance; but today’s physical, environmental and emotional demands often overwhelm these systems leaving the body compromised and depleted of necessary resources. While a healthy, balanced body has the capacity to deal with most stressors, an overtaxed system eventually experiences symptoms like fatigue, pain, weight gain, and susceptibility to illness. At this point, clinical intervention can support the body and restore homeostasis.

Dealing with client health from an energetic balance standpoint provides several benefits over a strictly mechanistic approach to isolated physiological systems. By measuring a client’s reactions to specific interventions, an individualized program may be designed which will best support the body’s innate healing abilities. This translates into quicker results and longer-lasting healing.

How the ZYTO Works

Galvanic skin response (GSR) is a measurable effect of stress reactions. This describes the fluctuating level of electrical conductivity through the body’s largest organ – the skin – as the stress system flexes back and forth. The Zyto System measures these shifts in GSR and uses proprietary algorithms to turn GSR reactions into useful data for predicting responses to thousands of stressors and balancing agents encoded into the software. Results (called dR’s for deviation ratio) are simple to read and interpret.

The hand cradle creates an interface between the computer and client and enables the incredible testing speed and comfort. Clients simply rest their hands on the hand cradle and the practitioner selects which tests to run. A slight electric pulse is emitted from the palm contact point and resistance is measured through each finger contact.

Changing patterns in galvanic skin response (GSR) are transmitted to and analyzed by the software. These responses suggest how to proceed. Each item scanned takes one second and a typical session lasts ten to fifteen minutes.