BioSET™ (Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy) is a natural holistic health care system that is based on energetic medicine and meridian therapy to prevent and resolve chronic health conditions.

BioSET™ is comprised of three branches of healing: enzyme therapy, nutrition and proper diet; organ specific detoxification; and a revolutionary non-invasive mostly permanent allergy desensitization technique.

BioSET™ was developed by Dr. Ellen Cutler to naturally resolve chronic health conditions through meridian balancing; enhanced digestion and desensitization of any allergen.

BioSET™ uses:

Electro diagnostic and/or muscle testing along with a computer software program for energetic interpretation and sensitivity or allergy evaluation.

Assessment for digestive enzymes and systemic enzymes (supplements with nutrients and herbs for balancing of organs, tissues, and cells);

Homeopathic drops for organ specific detoxification and drainage.

BioSET™ desensitization:

is an acupressure technique which utilizes allergen frequencies and energetics to fully clear and or reprogram the individual via the nervous and meridian system to any allergen or sensitivity. BioSET™ balances meridians that have been blocked by allergens which have produced a multiplicity of health symptoms that can become chronic. This natural non-invasive
revolutionary desensitization can clear most sensitivities almost permanently.

Benefits of BioSET™

BioSET™ benefits the array of digestive problems; type 2 diabetes; Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorder; Mild Cardiovascular problems; Inflammation; weight loss and weight maintenance; Skin and hair problems; Women’s and Men’s health disorders; Autoimmune Problems and Side Effects of Cancer therapy.